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Our Story

One’s love for the sea has made its way on board with the inception of the Victor.

Roberto, captain of Motonave Victor, had always loved the sea and what it has to offer. He knows the secrets and wonders of the Tremiti Islands and is ready to share them with anyone who desires to spend an unforgettable day on board his beloved boat.

Roberto spends most of the year on the Tremiti Island of San Domino, despite the inconveniences that he faces in Winter. He is a well-experienced navigator, able to face any unexpected event at sea.

His boat – the Victor – represents a great gesture of love towards a boat that had to be sold. He brought life back on board the Victor, while making sure it is renovated and maintained, in preparation for every summer season. The Victor is a very special boat, for its charm, but most importantly, for the love that Roberto gives it.

If you are looking for a relaxing, fun day with great food and an awesome company… then Motonave Victor is your best choice while visiting the Tremiti Islands!